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Aww thanks, can do.

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saw you on __postsecret and I like your posts. plus, major props for wolf parade. mind if I add you?

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you seem like a lovely person; add? o.o

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Can do.

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Hii I added you (:
Add me back?

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Sure. ;]

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- From [ profile] godhonesttruth, of course.
I hope you add me back ^^
I see now that we have a fair bit in common, judging by your userinfo.

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It's Amanda! :D

Even though I don't write on this ever, why not!

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LAWL Oh wow, you found me!

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XD Woah now. I'm not that stalkerish/good at the internet.

It's on your facebook, nub.

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For a second I was like, wait what, when I looked at your user info. And then I was like WAIT, Which amanda is this, lawl.

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AMANDA FROM COOOOOORE. In case you didn't know. My live journal says a lot, I know.

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I know that now, but yeah, I was like, wow, the birthday is different and there isn't much other than that.


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would you like to add me? :3